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Overseas Assistance Management

As we strive to create a smooth policy administration process for our Payers and a hassle-free experience for our Members, Neuron offers International Assistance services worldwide. In order to ensure the highest service levels while providing a cost-effective solution, Neuron has tied up with various assistance management companies globally, with combined network strength of over 1million providers worldwide. All international assistance cases are coordinated by Neuron where our experience Customer Service team assesses the case and contacts the most appropriate assistance partner depending on the location. This process guarantees that our Members get help when they need it, and our Payers enjoy the best discounts available through leading companies in their respective regions.

In the event that a Policyholder requires medical assistance overseas, they can contact Neuron's 24/7 Helpline, either personally or through an authorized representative. Neuron Helpline: +971 4 3178500 ; +971 4 3823700

The helpline numbers are also printed on the back of the Member's insurance card for ease of reference. Once contacted, our experienced medical staff will get the necessary information from the member, assess the case as per medical necessity, confirm the policy terms & conditions, and will contact our regional assistance partner if required. Notifications and authorization requests will be sent to the Payer as appropriate.

To view the list of network providers and the respective international assistance partner in each country, please select your country of preference and click on the link provided.

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