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Medical Claims Processing

Neuron has a large medical claims team who are thoroughly trained and specialized in international medical coding and assessment of medical bills. All the claims are assessed as per terms of the policy and processed in PULSE. During the claims process, all information is captured from diagnosis, procedures, billing, etc. This enables detailed reporting from both the client and Neuron.

Neuron is proud to be the pilot payers in Dubai to have successfully achieved the complete E-claim Cycle. This has further reduced Claims costs and drastically improved processing time, resulting in faster reporting.

Additionally, Neuron has integrated the DHA approved CEED Medical Edit Rules Engine into our claims processing system to help adjudicate claims in line with Medical Necessity and Best Practice Guidelines. With the latest processing systems and integration of the international code sets in our claims processing software, errors have been minimalized significantly.

We have also acquired the Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) capabilities with tie-ups with leading PBM tool provider.