Claim Reimbursement
List of mandatory documents

1. Duly completed Neuron Reimbursement Claim Form (mandatory)
2. Member's/patient's details (name, Neuron ID, date of birth etc)
3. The date of onset of first symptoms
4. Medical Section fully completed (with all information requested therein )
5. Treating doctor's signature and stamp
6. Attach a copy of the Neuron Approval email (if any)
7. Any other information requested on the Claim Form
8. Copy of radiology/imaging reports,  blood test results, other reports for special/diagnostic procedures etc. (where you have paid and are claiming for radiology/x-rays, imaging procedures e.g. Ultrasound, CT and/or MRI Scans, blood tests, etc.)
9. Copy of the  prescription/s (where you have paid and are claiming for medications)
10. Discharge summary and medical report (in case you are claiming inpatient admissions)
11. All invoices (with proper breakdown of amounts) and receipts (clearly showing that cash/credit card payment has been made by you)
12. Please note that we will be requiring documents in English or Arabic to process the claim. If the claim is in a different language, we will require the translation of the claim to be submitted as well.